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What is your earliest memory?

hi my dear f-list,
i have a new year's resolution: post more often.

no, seriously, my journal is not as active as i'd like it to be, so i'll try to keep it a bit more up to date. but don't worry, i do read my f-list every day, so i know what's going on at your end.

at the moment i'm at work at the library, i'm at the information desk and it just became nice and quiet, not so many people around. i hope i didn't jinx it just now ;)

as for the rest, i'm doing fine, quite a lot to do for uni at the moment, but that's not news.

i started to watch a bunch of new series, mostly Numb3rs lately (i really love it). and i discovered leverage, which is really really great, i hope that show will be around for a long time.

what else is there to tell? well, i forgot my glasses today, so i went to an optician's in my lunch break and the lady there was really nice and gave me a couple of contacts for free. they're not perfect, but it's much better than without anything, and i only need it for today, coz in the evening i'll have my glasses back. but still, this is a very silly thing to do, i should remember that.

anyway, i think that's it for now, i'll be back soon.


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