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24 December
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the basics:
i study english at the university of vienna.

i'm a great big music freak, i play several instruments, i'm in a semi-professional choir and leaving the house without my ipod is terrible.

i am a bit of a geek (spot the understatement), and i watch far too many tv shows. i'm addicted to tv shows even though i grew up without a tv, i still don't have one, and i don't want one. i love fandom but i'm usually not overly active, due to a combination of laziness and having too much other stuff to do.

i don't leave the house without taking at least one book.

my macbook is called dean and my ipod is called sam. that's just the way it is.

the journal is friends-only, but if you're interested feel free to friend. what you can expect in it: mostly rl things, at the moment especially dealing with me and my struggles with writing my thesis. and some more fannish things probably too, but not that much at the moment.

that's about it for now,


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